Monday, November 20, 2017

Here is an overview of what we are doing at each school and grade.

Kindergarten: Zones of Regulation is the current unit. Specifically, focusing on staying in the Green Zone and what to do if we are in the Yellow and Red Zone. How do we get back to the Green Zone. Ask your child about the strategies that we have discussed, practiced, and use at school. You may have seen our Calm Down Jars that students brought home. Hugging a stuffed animal is another strategy.

First Grade: At UID we also have been working on the Zones of Regulation. At UCS we have been working on the theme of Kindness and completed our Kindness Videos.

Second Grade: At UID we are using the Conflict Flower to guide our student videos. The conflict flower helps us problem solve when there is a small problem with a peer.

At UCS we are working on the Kindness Videos since first and second grades are combined.

Third Grade: In third grade students created videos based off the  Kindness Boomerang project.  We continue to work on the kindness theme and are doing Reader's Theater in small groups. At UCS third grade is combined with the fourth grade.

Fourth Grade: Students are working towards their Community Service Learning Projects (CSL). At UCS we are working on empathy, communication, and respect. In addition, we will be using glow and grow as a guideline to give and receive feedback. Glow means something you are doing well and grow means something you can can work on.

In addition to classroom guidance I work with students in small groups and individually. I am open to doing projects that are student driven and work on improving social relationships and community identity.


3rd grade students working on kindness cards. We are doing a RAK unit.                                                     4th gra...

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